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The following letter was sent to the Puma Athletics community on November 25, 2020.


I am getting in touch today to let you know our current plan for athletics in Spring 2021.  I have good news for you all today.  The Chancellor met with all Athletics Directors and staffs on November 24 and informed us that he approves our moving forward with Spring 2021 competitions.

I want to reiterate what I have conveyed previously.  PVCC Athletics wants nothing more than to afford the opportunity for as many Pumas as possible to compete in the Navy & White this spring!  With that comes great responsibility for all of us to examine how we safely do so.  COVID-19 has been and continues to be an opponent for which there is no playbook. The Maricopa Athletics Directors and athletics staffs have put major time and effort into planning for a safe return to play, hoping the time would come sooner rather than later when we can all hit the field and compete.

As with anything right now, COVID changes our situation day-to-day.  While we have been given permission to return to athletics in the spring, we cautiously do so. I want to make clear, just because we are good to go today does not mean that we will not have to take a step back at a later date.  The Chancellor made it very clear that if COVID gets worse in Arizona, or if there are state or county restrictions put in place in the future, our ability to continue athletics may be impacted.

There is still work to do, Pumas.  We are all responsible for one another's wellbeing.  We are all being called upon to make this work as safely as possible when we return.

There are many protocols that have been put in place to allow us to return safely in January.  Your coaches, Rob, Sarah and I will all be in touch along the way to teach you the new protocols and ask for your help and leadership in making sure we return to athletics and campus safely every day for practices and games.  This will be a team effort and I'm confident our team will play safely, together!

There may be some of you that are unsure about returning.  That is OK!  Talk to your coaches or me and we will figure out what is best for each of you, individually.  Our #1 priority is your safety and supporting what you want to do.

No doubt you and your families will have many questions.  I encourage you to contact me or your coaches about anything. 

You can expect to hear more from all of us in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, please stay safe and healthy. 

We will see you soon Pumas!